Crab King Review

8/ 10
Crab King
Game Info
  • Name Crab King
  • Software
  • Reels / Rows /
  • Paylines
  • RTP 95.5%
  • Wilds
  • Free Spins
  • Progressive
  • Mobile
  • More than 20 targets
  • Many bonus features
  • High payouts
  • Low granularity of low-level targets
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250 Gold Coins, 5 Coin Sweeps and 600 Diamonds

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Do you want to combine big winnings with an exciting pastime? Then you should try Crab King. Fish table gambling game has bright three-dimensional graphics and provides a lot of thrills from underwater hunting. Catching the biggest targets can bring a jackpot, and bonus points can increase your bankroll significantly. Providing plenty of opportunities to win crab gambling game does not let go of the player’s attention for a second.

Crab Gambling Game.
Crab Game Gambling

Crab King Fishing Game: Design and Paytable 

Slot is designed in such a way that you are 100% involved in the process. The graphics are impressive, even when played on a small screen, and the soundtrack adds to the action. 

In the fish table game you will have to hunt 23 species of fish, differing in coloring and size. Some of the targets not only provide solid payouts, but also give in-game bonuses:

Jellyfish50x-200xThe payout amount is determined randomly
Super Golden Shark100хPlayer gets an assassin who periodically catches fish for the player
Crab King70xGives the ability to kill 1 low-ranked fish with one shot
Laser Crab10xYou get a laser that increases the payout from all fish
Bomb10xYou creatures on the screen are destroyed and bring you payouts

Bonus features provide unlimited room for strategic planning. The right choice of goals and a little luck will allow you to achieve maximum winnings in crab gambling game.

Features of King Crab Fishing Games

Crab game gambling is one of the few fish tables that gives you a chance to win the jackpot. But the game has other features:

  • A convenient multiplayer feature with the ability to customize player interaction.
  • Detailed graphics that make it easy to identify and find targets.
  • Flexible betting system

Happy Pat musical mini-game

In addition to the bonuses received for finding special creatures, Crab King offers to participate in a special mini-game. To trigger it, you need to collect five medals and hit a lightning jellyfish. Once activated, it lasts from 30 to 60 seconds to hit the most targets. Statistics show that in Happy Pat the winnings are usually 30% higher than in the regular game.

How to play Crab Gambling Game

In Crab King Fish Table Game, players must aim and shoot the fish on the screen to earn rewards. The biggest rewards go to the most skillful, patient and lucky casino visitors. 

A certain amount of ammunition must be spent on each fish. However, there is always a chance to catch the target after 1-2 shots. Using a lot of ammunition or large caliber to hunt for small fish may result in losing money. Keep in mind that you pay between 10 and 1000 credits for each shot. 

The reward for special creatures can be as high as x200-x500 of the ammo cost. However, you should hunt for them only after you have gained enough experience. Newcomers unfamiliar with the genre, it is recommended to practice in the demo version. This will allow you to learn how to aim without risking your budget.

Crab King Fishing Game.
Crab King Fishing

How to win in Crab King Fishing

For regular wins in Crab King the player must combine skillful aiming, strategic thinking and know the nuances of the game. In all three aspects will help practicing in the demo version of the game. Free slot will allow you to familiarize yourself with the functions without the risk of quickly depleting the budget. 

When you gain enough experience, you can move on to real money bets. But even at this stage it is worth heeding the following advice:

  • Take advantage of unique gaming opportunities. Try to hunt for fish that give in-game advantages. For example, Laser Crab can increase your potential profit by 30-40%.
  • If your budget is small, it’s better to focus on low-level fish. The chance that cheap ammo will penetrate the defense of elite targets is small. At the same time, you can regularly win a little bit at a time by hunting smaller fish. 
  • For players with a sufficient budget, it is advantageous to hunt down high-ranking characters such as Jellyfish and Super Gold Shark. The said targets increase the bet by 200 times and 100 times respectively.
  • Participate in the Crab gambling game mini-games. Happy Pat Music and Full Screen Bomb can bring a significant bankroll boost in a few minutes.


Crab King fishing game can be called the most inventive and dynamic of the fish table games. Thanks to the abundance of goals and a multitude of features, the slot leaves no loophole for boredom. To win, you have to be as focused as possible and utilize all the possibilities offered by the game. 

Crab King is compatible with mobile devices and features advanced 3D graphics. The interface is so simple and intuitive that it does not cause difficulties even for beginners. The sound accompaniment can be called standard: it is not memorable, but it does not cause irritation. The game will suit both those who expect to win and those who just want to spend their leisure time in a fun way.


What makes Crab King stand out among fish table games?

Crab King distinguishes itself with its immersive three-dimensional graphics, a wide variety of aquatic creatures offering big wins and bonuses.

How can players trigger the Happy Pat Music mini-game in Crab King?

To activate the Happy Pat Music mini-game, players need to collect five medals and successfully shoot a lightning jellyfish.

What strategy should new players follow in Crab King?

New players are advised to start with the demo version to practice aiming and familiarize themselves with the game’s features.

Are there any tips for maximizing earnings in Crab King?

Players should focus on hunting fish that provide in-game advantages and participate in mini-games like Happy Pat Music.

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