Fish Catch Slot

Fish Catch slot by RealTime Gaming is a representative of a new generation of gambling games released in 2018. The game stands out for its unique format: instead of traditional reels and paylines, you will encounter the sea creatures and use a cannon to catch them. The gameplay is reminiscent of arcade shooters, only here you will get real money for each hit. High dynamics deep immersion player brings Fish Catch slot game in the top gambling entertainment 2024.

Play Fish Catch Slot
Fish Catch Slot Machine Splash Screen.
SoftwareRealtime Gaming
Bonus FeatureMermaid’s Luck
Coin Value$0,01 – $25

A Visual Feast Underwater

The game is set in a picturesque place underwater. RealTime Gaming have decorated the seabed with seaweed, bizarre rocks and shipwrecks. Excellent animation of sea creatures allows them to look natural. Each fish has distinctive features, with which it is easy to identify. Choose a suitable target and start dynamic fishing. Graphics is made with attention to detail, which deserves special praise. Developers took care even of such trifles as the refraction of light in the water. 

Musical design is at an average level. The standard melody that accompanies the gameplay should be turned off. At the same time, the sounds of the underwater world contribute to a deeper immersion in the world of the game.

Betting Range and Payouts

Before you start fishing in Fish Catch slot machine, you have to choose a lobby with a suitable minimum bet. The game offers 6 options: from $0.01 to $2.5 per shot. Already after the start of the round, you can change the caliber of the gun, increasing the bet by 2, 3, 5 and even 10 times. The large variability of bets expands the range of potential players. Visitors to the online casino can enjoy the gameplay, buying ammunition for 1 cent, or pay $25 per shot in anticipation of big wins.

The value of the fish varies from 1.1x to 500x of the bet. The game informs you about the appearance of valuable targets. You can go to the right screen and immediately start hunting. The most valuable prey in Fish Catch slot game is a mermaid. Her capture will increase your bet by 1000 times.

How to Play Fish Catch Slot Machine

The cannon is loaded, now all you have to do is aim. Each inhabitant of the depths has its own value. You have to choose the types of fish that will bring the most profit, and don’t miss. 

Like in arcade games, the targets have a life bar you must empty to get the prize. Each shot takes away a fixed amount of HP. The speed of catching fish depends on the caliber you choose. In addition, the game offers a chance to take away all HP in one shot. 

In the upper right corner there is a map of the location. If you do not find the selected fish on the screen, it is worth moving to another square. Keeping an eye on the map is also necessary not to miss a big target.

Fish Catch Slot Demo.
How to Play Fish Catch Slot Machine

Mermaid’s Luck Feature: A chance for big wins

At any moment, a wheel of fortune with multipliers may appear on the right side of the screen. A target caught during the Mermaid’s Luck bonus will bring significantly more money. The maximum multiplier is 250x. Thus, the biggest win in Fish Catch is 250,000x of the bet. 

The lobby selection and the caliber of the gun do not affect the probability of the multiplier wheel appearing. However, during the bonus feature, you should choose your targets carefully to get the biggest profit.

Which casinos can you play Fish Catch in?

The new genre is still gaining popularity and is not available in all casinos in the U.S. We have selected online gambling platforms that offer the most lucrative bonuses. You can go to them by clicking on the button below or at the beginning of the page. 

We offer to play only in verified online casinos, legally operating in the U.S. We check all aspects of the institution: from registration to withdrawal of winnings. Only sites that provide maximum comfort for visitors make it to our site. 

If you have never played in a casino before, be prepared to be asked to provide personal and contact information when registering. This is necessary to prevent fraud, simplify the withdrawal procedure and form individual bonus offers. Personal information of the client is not passed to third parties.


Fish Catch slot machine from RealTime Gaming is a new take on online gaming. If previously the player’s participation was limited to the development of betting strategy, now the profit directly depends on your skills. This is an exciting alternative for those who are looking for something new and unusual. 

By maximizing player participation, Fish Catch provides a unique gaming experience. Getting acquainted with the game is definitely worth it, even if you have already formed a pool of favorite gambling entertainment.


What is Fish Catch Slot Game?

Fish Catch by RealTime Gaming is an innovative slot game released in 2018 that diverges from traditional slot formats. It features a unique underwater setting and gameplay focused on precision and strategy, rather than conventional reels and paylines.

If I miss, do I lose the bet?

No, the projectile will bounce off the walls until it hits any fish. In the slot, every shot hits the target.

How do I maximize my winnings?

To increase your bet by 250,000x, you must catch a mermaid and get a 250x multiplier on the bonus wheel.

How does betting work in Fish Catch Slot?

Players can place bets ranging from $0.01 to $25 per shot. The game allows players to choose their preferred lobby based on the minimum bet, catering to different budget levels. Players have the freedom to strategize their bets and choose their targets.

What is the Mermaid’s Luck feature in Fish Catch Slot?

The Mermaid’s Luck feature is a randomized bonus that can significantly increase winnings. It’s similar to a wheel of fortune and can award payouts up to 250x the stake.